One of the frustrating parts of living in Malta is how quickly vehicles tend to get dirty around here. In winter it rains constantly, in dry weather we get a lot of dust particles in the air, and we regularly hear aggravation about how long the vehicles stay clean when using other washing services like drive-through washes. This is one of the biggest differences between detail and tunnel washes. We talk about these washes and why they do not have lasting results here.

The reason your vehicle is getting dirty so quickly is because it was not actually properly cleaned. When contamination is left on the paint before applying protection the protection does not bond properly to the paint. This means the paint will continue to actually attract dirt. This is what happens with a lot of the less expensive washes. They use higher PH cleaners and do not decontaminate the paint. This leaves the surfaces in a state that actually draws dirt to them.

The results last much longer when you go through a proper wash process that includes decontamination and proper protection. You will actually notice a self-cleaning ability start to happen. The protection you put on will actually resist being dirty and when it rains will even have some self-cleaning characteristics. This happens because the paint was properly prepped and decontaminated. The protection adheres to the actual paint and the surface becomes super slick. For more on what a decontamination wash is click here.

As always, if you ever have any questions on how to properly care for your vehicle you can reach out to us on any of our platforms. At Perfection Auto Detailing we love helping to keep those vehicles looking proper.

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