As detailers, we sometimes use terms that make what we do appear mysterious. It is our goal at Perfection Auto Detailing to share as much content as we can to eliminate the mystery and explain the hard work that goes into top tier results. Simply put, it is so much more than a wash. We will explain in detail with this write up exactly what a decontamination wash is.

The main goal a detailer has with a wash is to do the absolutely minimal amount of damage to a vehicle as possible. Using harsh methods like scrubbing and brushes may get the job done, but they leave behind damage on your vehicle’s surfaces. So, whenever possible we avoid these practices. It is especially important when dealing with areas you cannot easily polish. That’s damage left behind that cannot be repaired and that’s not what detailers do.

Your clear coat has pores just like your skin. These pores get clogged with all sorts of contaminants. We liken this to blackheads or acne on your skin. There are so many different types of contaminants in paint. Just to name a few: sap, iron, dirt, oil, road contamination, fallout, road tar and road paint are some great examples. Each of these contaminants requires a different removal process to do the most minimal damage as possible.

We have several products with specific purposes when it comes to contamination. We have iron removers for iron build-up, we have arterial mould killers, we have clay bars and so much more that’s specifically designed for each scenario. At Perfection Auto Detailing we assess every vehicle before beginning service. Each wash is a discovery process. This is how we reach the absolute best results possible. Simply put, a truly detailed wash is far from simple. It is for this reason that our wash prices will never match the prices of a drive-through wash. They are not the same and will never be equal in results. If you truly love your vehicle and want long-lasting results, Perfection Auto Detailing is here to help.

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