Why your ceramic coating guarantee doesn’t matter? 

The guarantee you are given with your coating is only as good as the word of the business who installed the coating for you. For this reason, it is imperative to do your research on the location and business you have chosen to do this work. Check their reviews, ensure they have insurance and verify that they are certified to install coatings. 

Do coatings come with a manufacturer warranty? Yes. This is what is going to happen when you contact the manufacturer about a coating warranty. 

Client: My coating has either failed or was improperly installed

Manufacturer: Who installed your coating 

Client: I had my coating installed at So and So Auto Detail

Manufacturer: Have you reached out to them? 

Client: No, I haven’t 

Manufacturer: You should start there. 

The manufacturer guarantees a coating against manufacturer defects. Here is the kicker…. CERAMIC COATINGS AREN’T VISIBLE. The most common way to establish if a coating is still performing is to judge it based on its hydrophobic properties. This is a poor test as the coating can still be present even without hydrophobics, but the client purchased it for hydrophobics. Most manufacturers deny warranty claims left and right due to installation error. 

This leaves you going right back to the person who installed the coating. Your relationship with the business and the detailer installing the coating is the absolute most important aspect of a coating purchase. They are the end all be all of whether you are going to be properly cared for. 

We treat ceramic coatings as the beginning of a long-term relationship. Yup, we just got married to you. We EXPECT to see you again. We WANT you to come back and we certainly want you to reach out if you have any concerns or issues. We pride ourselves and our business on the relationship building side of things. You’re not just a money sign to us. We call this The Perfection Way. 

Thanks for reading!

Errol Taliana

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