Is newer than new possible? Of course, it is!
This 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 went through our Multi stage paint correction and ceramic coatings package. Although it is still brand new the paint had swirl marks, scratches, and hazing.
We took care of that with our paint correction service and brought back the gloss and clarity in the paint that every new car should have.
After all the correction work was done, we then applied our top tier IGL Kenzo Graphene Reinforced 5 year ceramic coating on the paint, IGL Wheel on the rims inside & out, IGL Trim on the exterior plastics, and also IGL Headlights.
These ceramic coatings help preserve the surfaces. They give a jaw dropping gloss and phenomenal protection. These coatings last for many many years when maintained properly, yes, maintenance on ceramic coatings is very easy. Washing and cleaning coated surfaces is a breeze too.
The result is a mirror like finish!
Want your car looking newer than new?
If you are looking for the best around and only want the best for your vehicle then you are in the right spot. We are glad you have found us, and we would be happy to serve you all.
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