Range Rover Evoque after our Multi Stage Paint Correction and Exterior Ceramic coatings package.#
Paint Correction?? No, we don’t paint cars.
Paint Correction is the process of machine polishing your vehicle to restore the showroom new look.
This Range Rover had it all. Swirl marks, scratches, holograms, and ceramic coating high spots from improper application technique.
We performed our Multi Stage Paint Correction to restore the gloss, shine, and reflections and remove all of the unsightly blemishes.
What’s better than a paint correction? Topping it off with a durable Ceramic Coating so the vehicle will be⬇️
✔️Easier to wash, and will need to be washed less often.
✔️Will not need wax or sealant for the life of the coating.
✔️Bugs, dirt, and grime will come off with little to no effort.
✔️Increased resale value by preserving the appearance of the car.
✔️Jaw-dropping show car shine after a simple wash.
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Perfection Auto Detailing specializes in Ceramic Coatings and Paint Corrections.
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