This beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera S came to us because the owner wanted to remove as many of the unsightly swirl marks and scratches as possible and restore the mirror finish to his vehicle.

We opted for a multi stage paint correction and ceramic coatings package which included:

✔️Exterior wash, and decontamination to deep clean the paint.

✔️Full compounding step, this is the step that removes swirl marks, etchings, fading, and surface scratches.

✔️Polishing step, this step is where we remove any micro swirls, and hazing from the compounding step, and bring out the gloss and mirror finish.

✔️Solvent wipe down. This is where we make sure our results are “true” by removing any polishing oils and preparing the surface for the protection product of choice to be applied.

💎Ceramic Coatings. This vehicle deserved the best so we opted for our professional 4 year IGL Kenzo coating which was applied to the paint for incredible gloss, ease of maintenance, and it also eliminates the need to wax. Wheels and headlights were also ceramic coated.

This is not a “quick buff”! This is a time consuming, precision service that took 1 full week to complete.

Would you like to get pricing to have your vehicle’s paint corrected, ceramic coating applied, or detailed?

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2. Stop by the shop during business hours. This is fantastic because we can see the vehicle and do an in-person inspection. This is not a “one price fits all” service. We tailor our services to your vehicle’s specific conditions, your expectations, and budget.

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Perfection Auto Detailing is accredited, and certified in paint corrections, ceramic coatings, and professional grade detailing.

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