Mercedes E220 received our multi-stage paint correction and protected with igl 2-year ceramic coating.

⚠This vehicle was brought from the UK and was ceramic-coated (Brand available in Malta too) before being dispatched to Malta. The owner, however, was concerned about how the paint looked and was in doubt if the coating is performing as it should.

An inspection was set up, and we noticed that the paint was covered in swirl marks and scratches while the ceramic coating didn’t have any water sheeting, which even our basic sealant performed better.

The vehicle was booked with us and went under multiple stages of paint correction to remove swirl marks and scratches safely while increasing the gloss. It was then ceramic coated for protection, made the paint look even glossier, and is going to stay looking just detailed every time after a simple wash.

The end result is just fantastic. 🤩

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