This new 2020 Mercedes A250e is now looking astonishing!

We applied our Professional Grade Guaranteed ceramic coatings on the paint, wheels, trims, and headlights.

So.. you purchased the new ride.

It still doesn’t look the way it should. The gloss isn’t there, and why are there swirl marks in the paint? It’s brand new!

My showroom new car doesn’t look so showroom.

If it looks this way after a few weeks or months, will it still look good two years from now?

Imagine this.. you walk out to the garage, grab the soap and buckets, drying towels, and give your beautiful ride a wash…

It only takes about 30 minutes total… the dirt falls right off, the water rolls off, and drying it takes minutes, in fact you can even use a leaf blower and it knocks most of the water completely off.

The paint looks awesome. The wheels were super easy to clean.

The shine from the reflection is partially blinding your neighbour, and he is always wondering how come your car is so much shinier than his.

How come it looks so great now? What changed?

You started researching ceramic coatings, paint correction, and *real* detailing, and found a local company you can trust, with a proven track record, that is the definition of professional.

They gave you a quote for deep cleaning, polishing, and applying a professional grade ceramic coating to your ride.

It wasn’t cheap, but neither was your new car, and you take care of what you own, you are proud of it, and the looks from your neighbour alone are worth it.

Ok, if you read all that you get the idea of what we do. We don’t just “clean” cars, we don’t just do “quick buffs” and apply cheap wax.

We make new cars newer, and make used cars new again, and we have the reviews, pictures, videos, and referrals to show it.

Multiple options, designed to fit your expectations, needs, use of the vehicle, and budget. No cookie cutter services here.

Certified. Different exclusive professional grade ceramic options, interior coatings, and more.


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Not your average detailer. Not your average detail.

Ready to get your beast to the next level?

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