This Mazda CX-5 is looking like new after it went through our Multi-Stage Paint Correction and Exterior Ceramic Coatings Package.

After days of preparation and polishing to remove as many swirl marks and scratches safely from the paint it is now glowing!

We applied IGL Kenzo 4-year Ceramic Coating to protect the paint, IGL Wheel on the rims, IGL Trim on every plastic surface, and also IGL Headlights.

Want to restore that glow your vehicle once had and add protection that lasts?

We can certainly help you. Get in touch with us, and we’ll advise you on the best package for your car state, needs and your expectations. We will also advice you on how to keep your vehicle looking this way for years.

We’re here to not just provide detailing services, but to provide a memorable experience and to be there to help and educate our clients the best way we can.

Your ride reflects our pride!

An in-person inspection is always best to make sure we can perform such procedure safely.

Not your average Detailer. Not your average Detail.

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