This Mazda 3 was transformed from meh to wow

Perfection Auto Detailing has the formula to put the new back in your favourite ride.

The owner of this vehicle came to us wanting to bring his vehicle back to how it was when he first purchased it.

Luckily for him, he found Perfection Auto Detailing and we were able to restore the love this man had for his car.

This vehicle underwent a decontamination and clay bar treatment to make it feel smooth as glass.

It then received our multi stage paint correction system which made the paint look amazing and have incredible depth and gloss.

The paint was then protected with IGL Kenzo Ceramic coating protecting it for up to 4 years!

Wheels, trims, headlights, and glass were also ceramic coated.

Are you ready for your vehicle to look the way it SHOULD?

Ready to get your beast to the next level?

Perfection Auto Detailing

Perfection Auto Detailing

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