Lifetime Warranty Coatings!

No coating on the market actually lasts a lifetime……. YET! Nothing in this world lasts a true lifetime. There are many different angles that company’s word and advertise their lifetime warranties. This goes beyond ceramic coatings and into just about every “lifetime warranty” out there. I will be covering mainly the automotive ceramic coating side of this discussion.

One of the biggest clarification points with these style warranties is “What do you consider a lifetime”. Some consider the lifetime of a car to be 5 years or 10 years because that is the longest a client would own it. This was a common tactic in automotive repair that we notice in steering, suspension and brake work. You see things like non-transferrable warranties and mileage vs time restrictions on aftermarket warranty parts. It is really important to read these contracts and know what you’re paying for.

Now when it comes to coatings, I’ll just out and say it again. There is NO COATING out there that actually lasts a lifetime. The biggest reason for this is human error. Coatings are not magical. They need to be maintained just like anything else you want to keep looking it’s best. If a coating is severely neglected or even mistreated, it will not last the intended warranty duration. You will also notice that the lifetime guarantees come with added maintenance requirements. In almost every scenario a topper is required throughout the life of the coating.

Is this to say that a lifetime service is not worth it? Not at all. Just know what you are paying for and what needs to be done to achieve a lifetime result. You have to MAINTAIN the vehicle. An annual check-up or even several are recommended. I can tell you from experience that I have one-year coatings out there that have lasted longer than 2 years. I also have three-year coatings that are still going strong in their 3rd year. Coatings normally fail earlier due to client neglect and abuse, wrong application from the company, or it can be the product itself does not live to what it claims.

Always remember that the purchase of a coating service is the purchase of a relationship with the coating installation facility or a business owner. If you make sure that both parties are looking for a long-term relationship, you really cannot go wrong. It sounds like we are talking about dating, but it is important that your installer is there to support and help you achieve the best version of your vehicle that you desire. This is a team effort to keep it this way. If you’re interested in learning about some of the lies out there about ceramic coatings, check this article I wrote on that very subject here.

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