This 2017 Kia Sportage has been detailed and protected with our IGL range of ceramic coatings!!

Check what we did below⬇⬇

✅ Multi-stage paint correction (Swirl mark removal, Scratch removal, and more)
✅IGL Kenzo 4-year paint ceramic coating
✅IGL Wheel ceramic coating (wheels removed, cleaned, and coated inside out)
✅IGL Trim Plastic ceramic coating
✅IGL Window Glass ceramic coating
✅IGL Headlights ceramic coating

Want your vehicle to look the best, be protected for years, and be easier to maintain?

Our services are not a one size fits all! Each car is different. Every client has different needs and expectations.

We aren’t cheap and do not claim to be! We provide you with the best customer service just like how we would like to be treated and offer you the best brand of coatings that lives up to their statements.

Ready to get your beast to the next level?

Perfection Auto Detailing

Perfection Auto Detailing

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Perfection Auto Detailing
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