It’s every car owner’s dilemma…is ceramic coating your car actually worth it? Obviously, we would scream a resounding YES! But let us explain why…

Professionally installed, high-quality ceramic coatings cost higher than a wax or sealant (depending on vehicle size, state of the paint, prep work needed, and coating durability) so it’s a reasonable investment to consider. There are many factors that play into determining if a ceramic coating is right for YOU.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself if you are in the market for a ceramic paint protection coating.

• Do you care about your car?
• Do you want to uphold your vehicle’s resale value?
• Do you want to save time and effort when washing your car?
• Do you enjoy driving the nicest looking vehicle on the road?
• Do you like knowing that your vehicle is protected against the elements?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, then a ceramic coating is NOT for you. You would most likely not appreciate the benefits they have to offer.

But if you answered YES to most of the questions above then you’re the ideal candidate to appreciate a professionally installed ceramic paint protection coating. Let’s look over those questions again and delve into how a coating relates to all these subjects.

Do you care about your car?
Well of course you do…you wouldn’t be spending your time reading this or researching all of this stuff if your vehicle was just a means of travel from point A to point B. A quality ceramic coating installed by a reputable detailer is the ultimate way to care for your vehicle. If you’re like us and enjoy spending your money on modifications, proper maintenance to keep your car looking great and endless deliveries of overseas car parts then considering a ceramic coating is just the next logical step in loving your car (we promise it’s a healthy addiction)!

Do you want to uphold your vehicle’s resale value?
We all know that trying to sell a worn-out looking vehicle can be a stressful experience. When trying to get a decent resale value on your car proper maintenance will help when it comes to moving onto your next dream car.

A ceramic coating can assist by preventing paint and trim fading, resisting clear coat marring, and repelling environmental contaminants…keeping your vehicle protected and looking amazing until you’re ready to upgrade.

Do you want to save time and effort when washing your car?
This is a big one. I’ve resigned to the fact that I will never own a car without a coating again. The benefits in this category are so immense that anyone who actually experiences it won’t be able to deny that a quality ceramic coating is freakin’ awesome.

The slickness of the coating means that it’s much harder for dirt (and water) to stick to your paint, so your car will always be cleaner than it would be without a coating. Maintenance washes actually become enjoyable (and not an epic scrubbing battle) due to the repellent nature of the coating itself. You’ll be able to wash and dry your car in half the time, all while enjoying the process.

Do you enjoy driving the nicest looking vehicle on the road?
Personally, there’s no better feeling than rolling out of the driveway in a freshly detailed car. Sure, wax looks great but who’s got time to apply that every 2-3 weeks especially through Malta’s brutal summers? If you get your car ceramic coated you won’t have to worry about any of that for years to come. You’ll enjoy driving one of the best looking cars on the road thanks to the insane gloss that a quality ceramic coating offers.

Do you like knowing that your vehicle is protected against the elements?
Most of us purchase comprehensive insurance for our cars so we’re covered in the unlikely event of an accident, but what about the daily assault of environmental factors on our cars?

Realistically, if you don’t regularly top up traditional protection methods (wax/sealants) then they will degrade and stop providing any benefit. With advanced nanotechnology in ceramic coatings, there’s no need to continually apply the coating to ensure it keeps on delivering. The piece of mind that comes with knowing you don’t have to worry about protecting your vehicle’s paintwork is second to none.

So is a ceramic coating actually worth it? Well, it’s a subjective topic that depends on the car owner’s relationship and attitude towards their vehicle. But we believe if you’re a car enthusiast or just love your car then you will truly appreciate the benefits they have to offer.

Thanks for reading,
Errol Taliana

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