When it comes to ceramic coatings, this is the absolute most common question we get here at Perfection Auto Detailing. This is exactly why we are writing a blog about it. We have an obligation to be as transparent as we possibly can with clients. We also have the obligation to reach your expectation of the service and not simply impose our expectations on you. Let’s be honest, we are detailers, we would love to make everything as perfect as possible. When it comes to pricing a ceramic coating package there are several factors that come into pricing these jobs. These factors include: vehicle size, current condition of vehicle, expectation of service, duration of guarantee. I will address these each individually in this write up.

Vehicle size is the easiest one to understand. The prep that goes into the coating is the hardest part of the job. The larger the vehicle, the more time the prep and coating installation takes. The make and model also tell us a lot about the service to offer. Your average commuter Toyota Vitz does not need to be absolutely perfect before installing protection, but your 2020 M5 deserves the opportunity to look its absolute best before we seal everything behind a coating protective layer.

Current condition of the vehicle is one of the most difficult things to discuss over the phone or through text message. You simply do not know the condition of the vehicle until you see it in person. For this reason, Perfection Auto Detailing requires an in-person inspection for any vehicle that desires a coating service of any kind. The process before we install the coating is called a paint correction or a paint enhancement. This is the process by which we remove damage and level the paint to receive the coating. It is absolutely possible to just throw a coating on damaged paint, but this greatly affects the longevity and performance of the product. For this reason, we require a minimum of a paint enhancement. We understand many consumers do not care how good the paint looks and only care about the added protection and ease of maintenance that a coating provides. This is exactly why we developed the levels of paint correction and enhancements to choose from. This allows us to ask a few questions and get you in the package that gives you the best bang for your buck.

Expectation of the service is one of the single most important pieces of information we need to attain to properly quote the job. There is A LOT of misinformation out there regarding what a coating is and what it does for you as a consumer. We have inquiries that come in expecting the coating is scratch proof or even dent proof. Some folks even believe the coating does not need to be maintained and cleans itself. These claims simply are not true. This is where the quoting questions or in person inspection really comes in handy. We discuss the current paint condition and your expectation as to what you want to see it look like when we finish the installation of your coating. This ties right back into an enhancement vs a correction service. How perfect does the vehicle truly need to be? Is this a show car or a commuter car? Understanding that the paint correction process removes clear coat from the car is paramount. It doesn’t make sense to seek perfection on a commuter car as it will lessen the amount of paint protection you have on the vehicle.

The duration of the guarantee is the least of which we worry, but the consumers do enjoy knowing how long something is expected to last. We usually ask several questions to get an idea of what fits best for you, the consumer. If your lease is due in 2 years then we suggest a 2-year coating. If you plan on keeping the vehicle for a lengthy time then we recommend our longer guaranteed coatings. It is all an effort to give the consumer exactly what they want and need. It is important to point out that the duration of the coating is also heavily reliant on the maintenance of the coating. This is another misconception in the market and it’s our goal to remain as transparent as possible. The coating is not self-cleaning. It has self-cleaning abilities, but these can be overwhelmed over time and regular maintenance is necessary just like anything in life. It absolutely stays clean longer and makes cleaning an absolute breeze, but it is still necessary to maintain the coating with regular washes and wipe downs. We have seen 1-year coatings last 2 years and also seen them fail early due to poor, poor maintenance. This is exactly why we offer a throughout explanation session with every coating to explain proper maintenance and show you how easy it is to keep your ride looking fly all the time.

So, to answer the question, “How much is a ceramic coating”, I say to you, “It depends”. These jobs can range from several hours to several days depending on your expectations and desired coating package. The price varies based on the above factors we discussed. We provide an in-person inspection and quote at no additional charge.

If you ever have any questions regarding coatings of any kind, feel free to reach out anytime via any of our platforms. You can reach us through Facebook, Instagram, Website or email. It is our goal to provide the best, most transparent service out there. We win through constantly educating our markets to ensure they are not being taken advantage of!

Thanks for reading,
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