Ceramic coating – What questions should I ask when shopping around?

Deciding on what company to go with when it comes to having your vehicle protected long term can be a daunting task for sure. There are so many brands out there and an equal number of companies that install them. My goal is not to just point you straight into our company’s direction, but to arm you with the right questions to ask that find you a reputable company close to you. We understand that there are many great companies out there and want to help you find them!

Questions 1: Are you insured?

These jobs are not simple. Every ceramic coating installed should be receiving some level of polish or paint correction. Paint nowadays is coming thinner and thinner from the factory. This leaves the technician with little to work with and knowing how to produce the best results takes experience and skill. Even the most skilled technicians can make errors and you want to be sure they take it serious enough to cover YOU, the client, when those mistakes happen. Insurance is a clear sign that they take their business and trade seriously.

Question 2: Are you certified?

Again, these jobs take a skilled technician. This is a question to even ask your dealerships. A lot of these dealerships have minimum wage or low paid technicians installing sealants when they claim they are installing ceramics. They should at least be certified with the coating company they are installing for. This shows you the coating is legit and the business takes it seriously. Bonus points if they have multiple certifications.

Questions 3: How many vehicles have you done?

You can have all the training in the world, but no real-life experience. Every vehicle has its own challenges. Knowing how to address these unique challenges properly takes experience. This is something that working on hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles provides for a technician. The more experienced the business is tells you a couple things. The first thing it tells you is that they have done this many times before and know what they are doing. The second thing it tells you is how long they plan on sticking around. A business that has been doing this 5 years and has 1000 installs under their belt is much more likely to make you happy as a client in the event of a mishap. Their reputation matters. The new guy that has 10 installs and just started in the market could fail as a business. It’s not a fun subject to talk about, but it is a reality.

Question 4: Do you perform a paint correction prior to applying the ceramic coating?

This is a crucial step in the process. This provides a beautiful finished product. Paint correction is the systematic removal of manufacturers defects, swirls, scratches and damage in the paint. Some level of correction should be performed prior to any ceramic coating installation. This ensures the best finished product and longevity of the ceramic applied.

Question 5: Are you licensed?

I left this question for last. It is required that we have a business license and be registered to operate. Having a business that is willing to operate illegally to save costs on premises rent, insurance and many other things should tell you everything that you need to know about that business. Hire businesses that are following the law of the land. This speaks volumes to the integrity of the business.

Thanks for reading!

Errol Taliana

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