Another one of those common questions we get asked here at Perfection Auto Detailing is: Can you get this scratch out? Can you remove these swirls? Can you buff the paint? The simple answer to these questions is yes. As you’re probably suspecting, it’s not that simple to answer these questions. There are a few main concerns when doing any type of paint correction or enhancement that we need to cover. They are client expectation, possible level of service and results of the service rendered. I am going to address each one of these pieces of the bigger pie individually.

Client expectation is the ultimate most important thing that we need to address as a service business. Expectations can range from removing a scratch or swirls to making them look better. A lot of these expectations will key in on budget. It is always important to understand that any paint correction work done is the lesser of two evils. The body shop solution to a good scratch is to repaint. By performing a paint correction, we eliminate the need to do that repaint and save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of euros. The other issue with scratch or swirl removal is we reveal a clean and level surface that may uncover other things like manufacturer defects, other scratches and even failing paint. I’ll talk more about this in a bit.

The second concern to address is possible level of service. As detailers we have an eye for things that our clients simply do not see. Well, most of our clients. A small percentage of the time we run into someone with an eye for detail and a need for perfection. We can absolutely accommodate you at Perfection Auto Detailing. There is a reason we have polishers that go all the way down to ¼ inch. The perfection style service takes far more time than the enhancement or improvement service. It also requires a more professionally educated detailer. There are important steps like measuring the paint and ensuring there is enough clear coat to reach the level of expectation that the client desires. For this reason, we generally inspect those vehicles in person and have a discussion about expectation while looking at the vehicle with the client.

That final concern is the results of the service rendered. This is the area that can get unpredictable and the reason you should hire a professional. As we work through the paint, we are actually removing layers of the paint or clear coat. This process can reveal further damage or unseen damage as we go along. On an enhancement service this is not so much of a problem because we are aiming for improvement. However, on a paint correction where we are looking for dramatic improvement this can get dicey. We use a variety of inspection lights to do our paint correction work that reveal a variety of paint concerns. Heavily swirled vehicles can be the most difficult to promise an end result on because the swirls hide underlying paint condition which can mean scratches or in severe cases even paint failure. This is exactly why we do a Comprehensive Detail Inspection on every vehicle before proceeding with the service.

Our inspection is performed after a decontamination wash so we can see exactly what is going on. We often go as far as doing a couple of test spots to ensure we know what end results will look like and how far we truly can go with the paint correction service.

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