This BMW X1 has been detailed and protected with our IGL range of ceramic coatings!!

Check what we did below⬇

✔Paint decontamination, preparation, and paint enhancement.
✔IGL Kenzo 4-year paint ceramic coating
✔IGL Wheel ceramic coating
✔IGL Trim Plastic ceramic coating
✔IGL Window Glass ceramic coating
✔IGL Headlights ceramic coating

This vehicle will now be:

✔️Easier to wash, and will need to be washed less often.
✔️Will not need wax, sealant, or polish for the life of the coating.
✔️Bugs, dirt, and grime will come off with little to no effort.
✔️Increased resale value by preserving the appearance of the car.
✔️Jaw dropping show car shine after a simple wash.

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