This Mercedes GLE 400d received our professional multi stage swirl mark and paint renewal process followed by our professional ceramic protective coatings service on every exterior surface.

➡️Visit www.perfectiondetails.com or call (+356) 99279220 for pricing and options. This is not a one size fits all service therefore an inspection will certainly be needed.

For people who love their cars, want to restore their cars, and see them as an investment.

Are you tired of average detailing services with average results?

My vision with Perfection Auto Detailing is and has always been to provide detailing services that make you love your car more and make your life easier.

All that from getting my car detailed? How does that work?

We provide:

1. Custom Detailing solutions. While we have packages, we prefer to provide detailing services based on your vehicle’s needs and condition. Visit our shop for a professional inspection and quote, call us, or fill out our online webform at www.perfectiondetails.com

2. Ceramic Paint Coatings. Years ago, I saw that wax was not the best protection for my customers. Years later we provide four different professional-grade only ceramic coatings to protect your vehicle and make it shine for years, not weeks or months.

3. Paint Renewal Services. Swirl marks. Fading. Have you lost the showroom shine on your baby? We bring it back, and then some. One of our biggest and most common compliments from clients is that their car looks better than new after a paint correction and ceramic coating package is completed.

Unlike traditional detail shops or dealerships which are in a big hurry, use the cheapest products possible to get the job done, and to be honest don’t always provide the friendliest customer service when getting a detail, I operate my business by The Golden Rule, and always will.

-Errol Taliana, Owner of Perfection Auto Detailing

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Not your average detailer. Not your average detail.

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